"Honesty and Education for a Better Collin"

Academic leadership is critical.
— Dr. Stacey Donald, 2017
Dr. Stacey Donald

Dr. Stacey Donald

I am Dr. Stacey Donald

As a life-long educator, my interest lies in developing the services Collin College offers to the community in Collin County.

Why the Collin College Board of Trustees? 
Because I've lived in Collin County for eleven years and I've seen how Collin College has acted as a bedrock for the community during that time. The college offers services and possibilities to the residents of Collin College that need managing and care so the institution can continue to flourish.

Why am I a good fit for Collin College's Board of Trustees?
I have been an academic my entire adult life. I have earned a Bachelor's, a Master's, and a Doctorate in Literary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. When I finished my student teaching at UTD, I taught part time for Collin College and served one year as an interim full-time faculty. I taught at both the Spring Creek and Frisco campuses and also traveled to Rockwall to teach dual-credit classes and at the satellite campus there. I began my career as a teacher at Collin, and I learned a great deal there.

Now I am the Faculty Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Faculty Excellence for DeVry University, where I have taught for six years and acted as Chair for the last three. Working for both non-profit and for-profit institutions as well as on both the faculty and the administration sides have all given me a unique perspective on education.

Next Steps:
I believe in the quality of life living in Collin County affords us. By making sure that our students receive a solid education in critical thinking, by teaching them HOW to think rather than WHAT to think, we can continue to build on the success of our community.

Please join me in this endeavor!